Lockdown Beer Delivery

Well, it’s safe to say this is turning out to be a year none of us will forget in a hurry…..

To help keep our heads above water until we feel it is safe and viable for us to open, and hopefully take the edge off a bit for you lot, we have decided to offer deliveries of draft beer, fresh from our bar direct to your door.

How does it work?

This week (w/c 6th of July) I will be making deliveries on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Cut off for orders is 1pm on your chosen delivery day.

Orders are taken for the next delivery day ONLY (so orders for Thursday up to 1pm Thursday then for Friday up to 1pm Friday etc).

We cannot take advance orders, as we may sell the keg before we get to you and aren’t able to guarantee, in advance which beers will run out and when.

Orders are to be placed by email only hello@thetwelvetaps.co.uk

Please send me your name, address, a contact telephone number (and obviously what you’d like).

Please do not order on social media. It’ll be a nightmare for me to track and may well be ignored.

On delivery day I will email you to confirm your order. I will also send you our bank details so you can make a transfer. I will deliver the beer later that same day (estimated between 4pm and 6pm). All beer will be dispensed into recyclable two pint cartons. They’ll be good in the fridge for a day if needs be, but ideally drink them fresh, and you’ll definitely want to keep them cold.

All orders must be in 2 pint denominations. There is no minimum or maximum order. There is no delivery charge.

Deliveries to CT5 postcodes only. Sorry. It’s all I can manage, if you have a special request, want to group together with friends or neighbours and make a large order then please email me, I am all ears….

Summer Hop Bag: Our latest mixed pack offering. Ten cans of seasonal deliciousness, selected with sunny days in mind. There’s delicate to bold and brassy (and everything in between) from some of the country’s cleverest breweries. We’ve not been shy on the yeast this time and believe me, that is a very goooooood thing. Delivered to your door with a smile (and for a small additional fee) a Twelve Taps branded glass and some snacks….

The Tap list:2 pint bottle
The KernelTable BeerJust the best. Particularly when it’s hot out.3.1%£8.50
The KernelPale AlePale w Centennial & Nelson Sauvin (2 of the world’s most unique hops, a must try)5.5%£10.00
Brew By Numbers01|SaisonPink Lady. Inspired by the cocktail of the same name, Refreshing, Fragrant, balanced, delicious.5.0%£9.50
Leigh on SeaTwo Tree IslandRed Ale.
Malty and spicy
Full bodied, traditional porter with caramel notes
CloudwaterLight Lager* Clean, Crisp refreshing.3.5%£7.00
The KernelIndia Pale AleA beautiful IPA hopped with Citra & Mandarina Bavaria7.2%£13.00
*No delivery charge, but I am going to appeal to your better nature and ask you not to order just one bottle of lager if you can help it please*

Current draft beers available for delivery. Updated 10/07/2020

The small print: I will (obviously) be maintaining social distancing at all times. I will ring or knock so you know your beer has arrived and do my best to leave the cartons in a shady/discreet spot. We cannot take responsibility for theft or spillages. We do pride ourselves on reasonable, decent behaviour so if something isn’t right do get in touch and we will do our best to put it right.