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The government has said that pubs and bars can re-open on July 4th providing they stick to certain guidelines and facilitate 1 metre (plus) social distancing.

We have decided that we will not be opening on July 4th because we do not think we can implement social distancing in our bar, and given the fact that people are still dying from this virus, nothing we have read convinces us that it is the right thing to do to encourage people into a small space when, by definition, masks cannot be worn when drinking.

We want to open, and we have been thinking of little else. We have poured everything into the Taps and building a business that we are proud of and is (was) sustainable. However, we cannot risk the health of our customers and our staff and all of those respective families. It’s not worth it.

So, we are going to continue with our lockdown beer deliveries for now, and we thank everyone who has bought beer in this way – it could make the difference between us opening again or not. We are also considering other options, and trying to work out what we can do to bring some more life into the Taps that will be both safe and economically viable.

This is all very worrying and quite maddening. We don’t think the government’s advice for the public and for hospitality businesses has been clear, and we don’t think the government’s decisions have prioritised public health which puts businesses like us in an impossible position.

We hope – more than anything – that we will all drink in the Taps again, just hold that thought, and watch this space.

Thanks again for all of your support, you are the best.

B & L