drinks menus

All of the drinks below are available to pick up from the bar during opening hours.

Please see our take-away and delivery information for more details.


Take-away draught beer fills are available in two pint cartons.

Tap 1: Time & Tide, Kent, ‘Spratwaffler’ Pale Ale 3.7% Our house pale, hoppy, eminently quoffable. Super fresh.

Tap 2: All gone.

Tap 3: All gone.

Tap 4: All gone.

Tap 5: All gone.

Tap 6: All gone.

Tap 7: Burnt Mill, Sussex, ‘Gardens of Green’ Dual Hop IPA w/Enigma & Moutere, India Pale Ale. 6.2%. A showcase of two of New Zealand’s frutiest hops. Soft, passionfruit, delicious. Two pint takeaway: £12

We are not currently replacing kegs when they are sold. Given an uncertain January is seems to make sense. Lots of delicious bottles and cans to be had below.


We sell a range of craft beers in bottles and cans for take-away.


Wine & Spirits

We are selling select lines of bottled wine and spirits to take-away from the bar including classic dry gin from Greensand Ridge, La Vita e Bella, and Da Mhile Seaweed gin. We also sell locally made plum brandy, apple brandy and our own house negronis as well as organic amaretto, vermouth and coffee liqueur.

Drop in during opening hours to check out our range and stock up on some quality drops for Christmas.


To keep things simple for the time being we have put together some suggested serves. feel free to mix things up and order off list. if you don’t see your favourite, ask, we may well have it, and if not we are always happy to make suggestions…

All prices include Fevertree tonic.

The Twelve Taps House Gin. Varies, please ask for details, always good, always dry. £5.00 (plus £3 for a double)

Boxer. London. 40% A classic London Dry with bags of character (& zesty juniper) Try with a plain Fevertree tonic of your choice and a slice of orange.
£5.50 (plus £3 for a double)

J.J Whitley Nettle Gin. 38.6% A gentle, appley gin, herby and fresh. Soft and really popular. Served with orange and paired with Fevertree Elderflower
£5.50 (plus £3 for a double)

Greensand Ridge. Kent. 40% The best local dry. Go with a plain Fevertree tonic of your choice, garnished with bay and juniper. £6 (plus £3 per double)

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin. Kent. 41.2% Made from the skin of Bacchus grapes from the Chapel Down Winery. Pair with a plain Fevertree tonic, lemon and mint. £6.00 (plus £3 for a double)

Edinburgh Seaside Gin. 43% Minerally with a slight salinity, delicious, savoury, pretty unique. Try with a plain Fevertree tonic, lemon & a little pinch of sea salt
£5.50 (plus £3 for a double)

La Vita Bella. Italy 40% An amazing organic gin made from 24 botanicals Try with Fevertree Med tonic, garnished with lemon and rosemary. £6 (plus £3 per double)

Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger Gin 40% It’s seemingly impossible to have a gin list without this gin. Fruity, soft, sweet, try it with Fevertree Ginger Ale and garnish with orange. £6.00 (plus £3 for a double)

Hospitality Gin. 42% Simple serve London Dry Gin. 100% of profits goes to supporting hospitality industry staff. Keep it plain and simple. £6.00 (plus £3 for a double)

Tap Sippers – A short list of cocktails inspired by the the CHANGE OF SEASON. made with love (and premium spirits, naturally) £9 each

Peach Cobbler
Garden Shed Bramble Peach Gin, house made rosemary shrub and our delicious organic prosecco. Topped with soda and garnished with charred rosemary. Served long, in a balloon glass, with hints of smoke and sweetness. Like the season itself.

Damson Gin Fizz 6 O’clock Damson Gin, our house organic prosecco, orange bitters. Garnished with fresh berries and thyme. Served in a flute. Fresh, dry and delicious

Bramble and Bay Whitby Gin, Kings Ginger liqueur, housemade rosemary shrub, topped with soda. Served long in a high ball. All three flavours come through distinctly, it’s Autumn in a glass.

Fireside Sibling Autumn Gin, Thyme Liqueur and Dubonnet, finished with fresh grated nutmeg. Served short in a rocks glass. Imagine a seasonal romance between a Negroni and a Nutmeg and you’re somewhere close.

Negronis. We are slowly building up a delicious collection of Negroni. Often bottle aged. Do ask for details.

Classic – Greensand Ridge Dry, Campari and Dubonnet.

Blonde – Greensand Ridge Dry, Campari and Cocchi Americano

Sloe – Bathtub Sloe Gin, Campari and Dubonnet.

Thyme – Our latest seasonal experiment. Balanced, woody and warm, ask for details.

Gin Old Fashioned Greensand Ridge Rye Cask Aged, Bigallet Thyme Liqueur and orange bitters. Served in a rocks glass, warming with a hint of sweetness.

Autumn Negroni Glendalough Autumn Gin, Dubonnet, Campari and Autumn Bitters.

Wine – All our wines are organic & chosen because they are excellent quality, easy drinking & full of flavour. We keep things super simple. All NON SPARKLING wines THE SAME price. 125ml – £4.50, 175ml £5.50, 250ml – £6.50. Bottle – £18

White: Organic Root Blanc 12% France. A lovely white Bordeaux. A dry blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semilion and Muscadelle.

Rose: Adobe Rose Reserva 12% Rapel Valeys, Chile, A rose with loads of character, refreshing and fruity.

Red: Etnico 2015 13.5% A thoroughly delicious Chilian Syrah/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend.

Red: Organic Roots Rosso 12% Italian Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Syrah/Shiraz blend. Loads of crunchy red fruit, really plummy. Fresh, juicy and clean.

Red: Organic Roots Rouge 12.5% French Cabernet/Grenache/Merlot blend. Full of soft bright fruit. Medium body but really good concentration of red cheery and plum flavours.

Fizz: Prosecco, Tenuata Giol, 11% Italy. Grown up yet easy drinking, fruity and delicious. £5.00 – 125ml glass. £18 bottle

Fizz: Cava, Albet i Noya Brut Reserva. Spain. Forget those long held prejudices. Cava has moved on. Fruity, soft mousse. Deliciously drinkable. An absolute treat. £20 (bottle only, sorry)


Crisps – Assorted (mostly Tyrell’s at the moment) Sea Salted, Salt and Vinegar, Mature Cheddar and Chive, Prawn Cocktail, Sour Cream and Chilli, Salt and Black Pepper £1

Peanuts – Salted, Dry Roasted or Chilli. £1.50

Scampi Fries and Bacon Fries. £1

Snyder’s of Hanover. Pretzel pieces. Cheese or Jalepeno. £1.75


Big Drop – Pale ale. Stout. Sour. £4.00

Lucky Saint – Lager. £4.00

Any Fevertree tonic as a soft drink. £1.50

Fevertree Cola and Fevertree Lemonade. £1.50

Dalston Sodas – Real ingredients (which means a lot less sugar) no artificial flavours or sweeteners. Fizzy Rhubarb, Elderflower and Fizzy Orange. £2.50

Soda Folk – Created by a Coloradoan for a taste of his home land here in the UK. Grape Soda or Cream Soda. £2.50

Folkington’s Pear Juice. Folkington’s Apple Juice. Made with British (and some local) fruit. £2.25

Ugly. Peach Flavoured Sparkling Water. No sugar, no calories, no sweetener, nothing artificial. £2.50

Ting. Grapefruit Crush. Fits with non of my usual pop buying morals, and bought by accident, but, it does taste good and works miracles on a hangover. £2.50