Whitstable Gin is made and bottled by The Twelve Taps using vacuum distillation which extracts the botanicals at a low temperature, preserving their freshness and using very little energy.

Whitstable Gin is made from botanicals that reflect the flavours of the Kent coast including juniper, rosemary, organic kelp, fennel seed, lemon peel and hawthorn berries.

It’s a bold and savoury dry gin that gives a big hit of herbs with the green, rich taste of seaweed bringing a nice depth. Fruit and citrus come from the hawthorn berries and lemon peel keeping it refreshing and ideal as a gin and tonic garnished with lemon and rosemary.

Each Whitstable Gin bottle has a hand-printed linocut label and is wax-dipped by hand, making every bottle unique.

All botanicals are sensitively sourced. The bottle is completely recyclable. The cork is made from sustainable wood and both the wax and ink are plant-based and biodegradable.

Whitstable Gin is exclusive to The Twelve Taps and available by the bottle or to drink in the bar as a Whitstable G&T or as part of our seasonal cocktail menu. We are not doing mail order at the moment so if you want it you’ll have to come and get it!


Over the course of the year we will be producing a series of seasonal recipe gins in super small batches. For our summer gin we thought we’d do something that no one else has done and make a pizza gin! This is a super smooth 45% dry gin that actually tastes like pizza!

Tomatoes bring sweetness and we add the green stalks from our own tomatoes grown here in Whitstable for a peppery freshness. Basil adds a herbal savoury flavour and we have used oats to add a creamy texture (while keeping the gin vegan friendly). This is a very small batch seasonal gin so when it’s gone it’s gone! Available now from the Taps as a bottle to take home or as a Pizza G&T in the bar served with an olive and a crack of black pepper.

Whitstable is lucky to have three independent pizzerias: Castellum, Sale e Pepe, and Nomad. So if you want to enjoy a Pizza Gin with a pizza do pick up a take-away and bring it to The Taps and we’ll pour you a drink.