Welcome to The Twelve Taps

Welcome to The Twelve Taps!

When we left our little shop, Waltshaws’, on Harbour Street we did so with the express intention of bringing craft beer to Whitstable. We have been working very closely with our our favourite brewery, Time & Tide, to create a bar that can offer a rolling programme of fresh, exciting craft beers. Twelve at a time.

So, here is our opening line-up:

  1. Hoptide – Time & Tide, Kent  (2.8% Table Beer)
  2. Spratwaffler – Time & Tide, Kent (3.7% Pale)
  3. Smuggler’s Stout – Time & Tide, Kent (5.5%, Stout)
  4. Papa Midnight – Time & Tide, Kent (6.5%, Black India Pale Lager)
  5. All In Jim – Time & Tide, Kent (5.5%, American Pale Ale)
  6. Calista – Time & Tide, Kent (6.5%, IPA)
  7. Highwire Grapefruit – Magic Rock, Huddersfield (5.5%, West Coast Pale Ale)
  8. Gamma Ray – Beavertown, London (5.4%, American Pale Ale)
  9. Keyworth Mid Lager – Cloudwater, Manchester (5.5%, Lager)
  10. Honeyhill Wit – Pig & Porter, Kent (5%, Wit)
  11. Modus Hoperandi – Ska Brewing, Colorado USA (6.8%, IPA)
  12. Skull King – Beavertown, London (8.7%, DIPA)
We will also be serving beer flights of 3 x third pint servings, so you can broaden your beer horizons even further.
The beer will be flowing from 4pm on Friday 25th March 2016, and then every Tuesday – Sunday until 11pm.
We’ll be using this blog to display our tap line up, chat about craft beer and let you know about upcoming events, tastings and tap-takeovers.

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  1. That is very exciting, and especially so as you will have a great gin selection for me!! Will there be some of the wonderful Waltshaws type food to go with the beer and gin?


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