A beer for everyone

Thanks to everyone who came to The Twelve Taps on our opening weekend. It was great to see so many people enjoying beers that they had never tried before.

We change the line-up every time a keg runs dry and we have already had a few new beers on the taps. Two of the beers we have on at the moment provide a really good example of the breadth of beer styles available in the craft beer world:

Island Records – Jamaica Porter 6.2%.Jamaica Porter

Brewed by Brighton Bier this is a really rich, smooth fruity porter that reminds us of molasses, dark fruit and rum-soaked ginger cake. Slides down an absolute treat.

Then we have Magic Rock’s Salty Kiss, Gooseberry Gose 4.1% Salty Kiss

A gose (pronounced go-zuh) is a traditional German beer that is characteristically tart and salty (the result of either local water sources or added salt). Salty Kiss is flavoured with gooseberry and sea-buckthorn which makes it a bright, refreshing, sour smack in the chops. If you like margaritas or proper lemonade you should give this one a go.

Also on the taps at the moment we have session pale ales, a red rye, a black IPL (India Pale Lager) and the mother of all IPAs. We hope there is a beer for everyone. Cheers.

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