What’s a Grisette?

When we get a less common beer style on the taps, it is always worth a few extra words and the Brew By Numbers Grisette is definitely worthy of a little write-up.

BBNO grisette saphir

A Grisette is a Belgian farmhouse ale, similar to a saison, but lighter in strength.

The name Grisette comes from the name for the women, dressed in grey, who served beer to miners in the Hainault region of France as they left the mines. These ‘Grisettes’ gave their nickname to the beer they served, a light, dry and sweetly spicy golden beer with floral and herbal notes.

The Grisette we have on tap from Brew By Numbers is their ‘Saphir’ recipe, and everything you’d expect from a Grisette: light, golden, spicy, thirst-quenching, while maintaining its yeasty Belgian sensibilities. This beer should appeal to pale ale drinkers and definitely to fans of saisons, and at 3.7%, on a sunny day it would be rude not to. Cheers!

[We are big fans of Brew By Numbers, and any beer enthusiasts could do a lot worse than looking at their website which is a great resource for information on different beer styles, recipes and brew methods.]