Waste not want not

We like a beer with a positive story behind it, and stories don’t come much better than that behind Northern Monk’s pear farmhouse ale “Wasted”.

Here’s what the brewers say:

“This may be the world’s first no waste beer, everything from the malt to the ingredients was chosen to minimalize the strain on the planet. We used 50kg of brioche and croissants in the mash, we rescued 150kg of pears from the supermarkets as they were deemed too ugly to go on the shelf and put them in the boil and fermentation tank. The grain we used went to a local farmer for feed for his cattle, and the spent hops went to his pigs. We refermented the beer with a champagne yeast and are using 100% recyclable containers to package the beer.”

But how does it taste?  Like pears. Soft, fruity, smooth, but with that moreish farmhouse yeastiness. A job well done.