What about these straws then?

There is a lot of talk about single-use plastic at the moment, and we’re glad that we have been asked a few times about our straws.

We do offer customers a choice of having a straw but we always use non-plastic, biodegradable Vegware straws. We don’t automatically put them in every drink but we appreciate that, in a good G&T, some people like a straw so provide them when asked. We also use biodegradable take-away cups, glasses and lids. vegwarestraws

Unsurprisingly, biodegradable straws are considerably more expensive than plastic ones, and that is presumably why they are not in more pubs and bars. We’ve decided that we do want to offer customers the choice of a straw, so we are prepared to pay more for non-plastic ones. It is not essential to have a straw in your drink though.

It is good to see that drinkers are also putting pressure on bars and pubs with the #refusethestraw campaign. So, when you’re out for a drink, ask about the straws, and refuse the plastic. It really isn’t necessary.